Why Learning SCCM is Like a Superpower

September 11,2021 by Content

Why Learning SCCM is Like a Superpower

You have sprawling servers, desktops, and mobile devices that need to be protected from the never-do-wells lying on your network. As the first line of defense, you need to deploy new applications and updates, as well as apply patches to fix bugs and vulnerabilities. While you’re at it, how about making sure your systems are protected from malware? To save the day, you only have to open one tool to do it all.

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) allows you to manage software, data, and compliance all in one platform. In the hands of a competent and directed administrator, SCCM is more than just a tool — it practically makes you a superhero.


Importance of an SCCM Administrator in an Organization

The SCCM administrator is a key player in the IT department of an organization. By performing their duties with efficiency, an admin can reduce downtime and ensure consistent operations. Innovative SCCM administrators can formulate long term strategies for proactive management of common issues.

A proactive approach can be vital in minimizing the possibilities of system breakdowns. Some important responsibilities of an SCCM admin are listed below:

  • Monitoring applications for managed users and systems
  • Deploying and managing the Configuration Manager client
  • Configuration of an operating-system deployment strategy by using SCCM
  • Implementing Endpoint Protection for managed PCs
  • Identifying and configuring methods for distribution and management of content used for deployments

All the aforementioned responsibilities are vital for the smooth operations of an organization, which is the reason why an SCCM admin should be recognized as one of the most significant employees of the company.

What Is a SCCM Administrator and How to Become One?

If you have a passion for the tech world and you already have working knowledge of Microsoft SCCM, you could set yourself up for a very successful career either in a particular company or as a contractor.

Even if you don’t currently know much about SCCM, having skills in other technological platforms can give you a head start when it comes to training, and even certification. There will always be a need for SCCM engineers in the business world, so it is a career that can offer you a sense of security from the start.

Did you Know? The average salary of a configuration manager is over $86,000, (source: Reddit) so it’s no wonder that thousands of recent graduates and experienced professionals are pursuing a SCCM certification to add to their résumé. If you’re thinking of going after this certification too, welcome to the bandwagon.

Why Choose SCCM Certification for your career?

Even if you are already in one of the higher-level positions at your company, going for the SCCM certification is the right career move to demonstrate your expertise level, increase your credentials and validate your strengths. This certification is industry-recognized and will help you stand out in the over-crowded job market — which is very important if you’re a young graduate with limited experience.

Above all, Microsoft constantly updates this certification to keep up with the pace of the evolving computing world and introduces new features on a regular basis. In the process of getting certified, you will gain new and restructured skills and knowledge, which will take you a very long way in your professional life.

Having a SCCM certification will open many new career opportunities for you. Once you have passed the SCCM exam, you can take on the advanced Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) certification. Choose the right IT college to gain up-to-date and necessary knowledge to become the best administrator or engineer.

Who should take the SCCM Course

This course is for experienced information technology (IT) professionals, typically described as Enterprise Desktop Administrators (EDAs). These EDAs deploy, manage, and maintain PCs, devices, and applications across medium, large, and enterprise organizations.

A significant portion of this audience uses, or intends to use, the latest release of Configuration Manager to manage and deploy PCs, devices, and applications.

Thinking of SCCM as a career – learn it with Advanced Training

Advanced Training is offering the Microsoft 20703-1 Administering System Center Configuration Manager

This five-day course describes how to use Configuration Manager and its associated site systems to efficiently manage network resources.

This course also is for individuals who are interested in taking Exam 70-703: Administering System Center Configuration Manager and Cloud Services Integration. Courses 20703-1B and 20703-2B, or equivalent knowledge and skills, are necessary to prepare for this exam.

You will learn day-to-day management tasks, including how to manage applications, client health, hardware and software inventory, operating system deployment, and software updates by using Configuration Manager. You also will learn how to optimise System Center Endpoint Protection, manage compliance, and create management queries and reports.

The following software is installed on the course virtual machines:

  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows 10 Enterprise
  • System Center Configuration Manager v1810

Key USPs of the course

  • Overview of Microsoft SCCM Features and how to use it in the office environment
  • Pushing Windows and Software updates to users in the network along with security measures for system protection
  • Keep all the nodes in the network updated and have a robust system in place
  • A lucrative career as a System Administrator with an SCCM Certificate

Remember, you won’t become a superhero right away. But learning SCCM will benefit your organization superbly — as well as your career. Talk to us today for more information and course details!

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