Vulnerability Assessment (VA) with Advanced Training for Your Organization

March 10,2022 by Sid

Vulnerability assessment is the comprehensive process of identifying, quantifying, analysing and prioritising security vulnerabilities or weaknesses in an organisation’s IT infrastructure. Through 5 comprehensive steps – Identification, Analysis, Risk Assessment, Remediation and Mitigation – VA fortifies your organisation’s IT infrastructure and provides benefits such as:

  • Getting ahead of cybercriminals and potential cyberattacks
  • Creating credibility and trust with all your important stakeholders
  • Helping avoid financial liability, litigations and damage to your IT systems
  • Evaluating security and performance of your third-party IT solutions/providers
  • Helping you discover what you’re unaware of regarding your IT systems and their potential weaknesses

Explore VA in more detail in our blog ‘Vulnerability Assessment for Vulnerable Times’

In this blog, we dive deeper into how cyber vulnerability assessment can help different kinds of organisations and how Advanced Training’s vulnerability assessment services are conducted.

Types of Vulnerability Assessment

First, let’s understand the different types of vulnerability assessment conducted on various IT infrastructures of any organisation:

  • Network-based: An assessment to identify and detect vulnerable systems and network security issues on your wired or wireless networks.
  • Host-based: Vulnerability testing to locate and examine vulnerabilities in your workstations, servers and other network hosts in their configuration settings and patch managements.
  • Wireless network assessment: Geared towards scanning of wireless network infrastructures to confirm if your organisation’s network is secure against unauthorised access.
  • Application assessment: An assessment to identify vulnerabilities in web applications through automated vulnerability scanning tools or analysis of source codes.
  • Database assessment: An assessment of big databases to identify vulnerabilities, rogue or shadow databases or insecure environments to improve security infrastructures.

Vulnerability Assessment for Different Organisations: Find Yours

No matter the size and scale of your organisation, cybersecurity vulnerability assessment and overall vulnerability management are important to ensure your operations are running on the foundation of a healthy IT infrastructure.

  1. VA for Small-Scaled Organisations: With smaller organisations, IT security has mostly been an after-thought and often not a priority. But with the business world digitally transforming at a rapid pace, with all companies having at least an internet connection and third-party email applications, firewalls, antivirus software or intrusion detection systems (IDS) aren’t enough to protect a small organisation’s operations. Vulnerability assessment is an important consideration for small-scaled organisations to mitigate any risks of a cyberattack, especially those that are looking to grow into larger organisations.
  2. VA for Medium-Scaled Organisations: Medium-scaled organisations have a stronger digital presence on the web, and this essentially means having a higher threat profile and grounds for attacks. Despite having an IT team to handle security issues, with more comprehensive security assessments like VA and penetration testing, these organisations will need to look at bolstering the competencies of their IT staff. Also, mid-sized organisations often hastily accelerate towards becoming a large-scaled organisation, and the lack of attention to IT security practices during the growth process can lead to big problems in the future. To avoid cyber attacks, IT system damages and litigation, a cyber security assessment like vulnerability assessment is a crucial consideration for organisations that are a few steps away from market dominance.
  3. VA for Large-Scaled Organisations: For enterprises, there’s a lot at stake. With large databases, multiple networks across locations, high-profile stakeholders and large attack surfaces, cybercrime finds breeding ground. A vulnerability assessment scan unearths all the vulnerabilities in the system and prioritises high severity ones, safeguarding large organisations from cyberattacks, financial liabilities, reputational risks and litigations.

Vulnerability Assessment with Advanced Training

An accurate inventory of software and hardware assets is a bedrock principal of securing your network. Our team of experienced assessors focus not just on the vulnerabilities, but also on assessing the risk that the vulnerabilities pose. Some vulnerabilities may be mitigated by other controls already in place. Other vulnerabilities, if corrected, may adversely impact a key system.

At Advanced Training, we believe that mitigating the risks and vulnerabilities must be more immersive than just clicking an “update” button. Here are the two options we offer under our vulnerability assessment services:

Option 1: IT Devices on a Network

You can provide of a list of up to 50 devices (or we can assist you with collating this list) and our certified vulnerability assessment professional will collaborate with your IT team to map out the VA strategy. Our experts will then perform one or more scans to create a threat and risk profile and produce a comprehensive report containing methodology used, vulnerabilities or risks discovered and mitigation recommendations. To further bolster your understanding of the report, we also assist you with a 30-minute technical consultation to guide your IT staff on the important steps to take post VA.

Option 2: Website Vulnerability Assessment

Using a black box methodology, this is an external vulnerability testing done on your corporate website (public or intranet). This can be a single website or part of a larger website to identify any vulnerabilities that may pose a risk for your data and website functions.

To learn more, click here to explore our vulnerability assessment services and book or enquire now.

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