Vulnerability Assessment (VA) Needs Analysis

Vulnerability Assessment (VA) Needs Analysis: Does Your Organization Need Vulnerability Assessment (VA)?

Please take your time to answer all of the questions below as accurately as possible. You must fill in all required contact details, which are marked with * character. Once your results have been submitted, an Account Manager from Advanced Training will contact you to discuss if you qualify for our limited offer ‘Complimentary VA Service;



    1. Does your organization have a security plan in place?
    2. Who has access to the security plan?
    3. Does your organization have human resources (such as a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Chief Information Officer (CIO) etc) dedicated to enforcing and maintaining security policies?
    4. Does your organization have a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy?
    5. Does your organization have a password policy for all company-issued devices?
    6. Does your organization have two-factor authentication enforced on all online accounts?
    7. Does your organization have account management and access controls in place?
    8. Does your organization give employees and contractors only enough access to do their jobs (i.e., least privilege necessary, “need to know”, etc.)?
    9. Does your organization have session controls in place?
    10. Does your organization already have security products/tools such as firewall, intrusion detection and encryption in place?
    11. How often does your organization review audit logs?
    12. Does your organization have antivirus protection or endpoint protection?
    13. How often does your organization review the updates of antivirus protection?
    14. Does your organization perform regular backups?
    15. Does your organization back up all data or only business-critical?
    16. How often does your organization test backups?
    17. Has your organization applied all applicable security patches?
    18. Does your organization have data segregation policies?
    19. Does your organization have encryption policies?
    20. Does your organization dispose of sensitive data or equipment that may have had sensitive data on it?
    21. Where are your servers located?
    22. If you selected 'On-premises' or 'Hybrid' for Q21, does your organization have physical access controls in place?
    23. Are your organization’s employees and contractors trained in security best practices?
    24. What are your organization’s most important assets?
    25. What risks do you see in your organization’s assets?
    26. What strategies does your organization use while mitigating the risks?
    27. What are the strengths of your organization’s current security system?
    28. What are the security measures for your organization’s endpoint devices?
    29. How often does your organization assess the company website for security?
    30. How often does your organization analyse access and error logs of the company website?
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