Test Yourself – Power BI

Training Needs Analysis – Do You or Your Team Need Power BI?

The power of Power BI

Power BI has become a popular tool across industries such as health, finance, logistics, governance, marketing and more – owing to its next level solutions in business intelligence. It is designed for a wide range of professionals who want reporting and analytical muscle beyond the capabilities of legacy systems. You can input any quantity of data from a various data source to transform data into information, information into artistic and actionable insights and insights into business efficiency.

What does this test show you?

This test is designed to determine your or your team’s current data management capabilities by assessing your dependency on data insights and the gap between your organization’s real-time data and decision-making practices. As you prepare to answer the questions, think about the times that you’ve felt intimidated by voluminous data or felt limited by Excel sheets when preparing for a meeting.

Please take your time to answer all of the questions below as accurately as possible. You must fill in all required contact details, which are marked with * character. Once your results have been submitted, an Account Manager from Advanced Training will contact you to discuss your results.


    1. How often do you/your team rely on data to make simple or critical business decisions?
    2. Speaking of data, do you or your team have easy access to relevant data sources?
    3. Do you and your team trust the quality of your data?
    4. In your daily tasks, do you deal with dimensional (qualitative) data, factorial (quantitative) data or both?
    5. When it comes to business reporting, how often do you or your team interact with critical reports?
    6. Insights are everything! How easy is it to collate the insights you need from your data?
    7. In your organization, how efficient is the collaboration between data and analytics projects/teams?
    8. How efficient is the data management system in your organization?
    9. What type of Business Intelligence (BI) technologies does your organization currently use?
    10. What would you say your level of awareness is when it comes to Power BI and it's many benefits?
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