Test Yourself – PC Fundamentals

Training Needs Analysis for PC Fundamentals

Please take your time to answer all of the questions below as accurately as possible. You must fill in all required contact details, which are marked with * character. Once your results have been submitted, an Account Manager from Advanced Training will contact you to discuss your results.


    1. Used a personal computer before?
    2. How many years of experience have you had using a personal computer?
    3. Identify and explain the roles of the basic hardware components that comprise a personal computer?
    4. Describe the role and function of an operating system?
    5. Explain the difference between an operating system and an application?
    6. Explain the concept and advantages of using personal computer in a network?
    7. Start and logon to a computer?
    8. Identify the basic components of the Windows Desktop?
    9. Customize the Windows desktop?
    10. Modify Windows using the Control Panel?
    11. How to start an application?
    12. Manage multiple applications?
    13. Save new files and documents created by an application such as Microsoft Word?
    14. Edit and save changes made to an existing document?
    15. Print documents created by an application such as Microsoft Word?
    16. How to start Windows Explorer?
    17. Create folders with Windows Explorer?
    18. Create a folder hierarchy for files with Windows Explorer?
    19. Move, copy and delete files with Windows Explorer?
    20. Locate missing files and folders using Search?
    21. Use Help to find specific help topics?
    22. Install additional software and hardware?
    23. Browse the World Web Web using Internet Explorer?
    24. Use a World Wide Web search engine such as Google?
    25. Safely shutdown a personal computer?
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