Test Yourself – Microsoft Outlook

Training Needs Analysis for Microsoft Outlook

Please take your time to answer all of the questions below as accurately as possible. You must fill in all required contact details, which are marked with * character. Once your results have been submitted, an Account Manager from Advanced Training will contact you to discuss your results.


    1. Have You used Outlook before?
    2. Do you know how to send an e-mail?
    3. Can you open and view an e-mail?
    4. Can you attach and detach files to your e-mails?
    5. Can you use the address book?
    6. Can you create personal distribution lists?
    7. Do you know how to create voting slips?
    8. Can you create and use and autosignature?
    9. Can you organise your e-mail into folders?
    10. Do you know how to archive your e-mail?
    11. Can you create rules using the Rules Wizards?
    12. Do you know how to search for messages?
    13. Can you add an entry into the calendar?
    14. Can you customise the calendar view?
    15. Do you know how to arrange a meeting?
    16. Can you add a recurring event into the calendar?
    17. Can you create tasks?
    18. Do you know how to assign a task?
    19. Can you create contacts?
    20. Do you know how to sort and search for contacts?
    21. Can you print your contact details?
    22. Can you create notes?
    23. Can you set permissions for folders?
    24. Do you know how to access someone else's folders?
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