Test Yourself – Microsoft Excel

Training Needs Analysis for Microsoft Excel

Please take your time to answer all of the questions below as accurately as possible. You must fill in all required contact details, which are marked with * character. Once your results have been submitted, an Account Manager from Advanced Training will contact you to discuss your results.


    1. Have you used or are you currently using a spreadsheet package?
    2. Enter and Edit existing data into your spreadsheet?
    3. Align your data within a column?
    4. Add the values of two or more cells together so that the answer will automatically update?
    5. Calculate the average value from a range of cells using a cell reference formula?
    6. Use the Excel Function Wizard for creating formulae?
    7. Format a worksheet such as changing Fonts and Text Size, or apply Bold, Italics and Underline to cells?
    8. Format a cells contents to display values as either Currency, Percentage or Rounded Numbers?
    9. AutoFill to copy calculations to more than one cell?
    10. Insert new Columns and Rows?
    11. Calculate the percentage value of a cell based upon the total?
    12. What the $ is used for in formulae?
    13. Save a new worksheet using an appropriate file name?
    14. Insert and rename worksheets within a Document?
    15. Set your own Page Breaks and Print Ranges to print a worksheet as you would like?
    16. Know how to create a Chart from your worksheet data?
    17. Edit and Format a Chart?
    18. Adapt or change the default chart?
    19. Adjust Scaling and Trendlines in Charts?
    20. Fix the Row and Column headings in a worksheet for scrolling through long documents?
    21. Protect worksheet cells from editing?
    22. Know how to create IF and Lookup functions?
    23. Name a series of cells for use in Formulas?
    24. Create an Outlined worksheet to minimise and restore large sections of data?
    25. Link multiple worksheets and / or Workbooks together?
    26. Set-up and used your worksheet as a Database within Excel?
    27. Customise your Toolbars?
    28. Create a Pivot Table to convert data into Columns and Rows?
    29. Set-up Data Tables, Goal Seeking or Solver?
    30. Set-up Regression Analysis to forecast values?
    31. Installed and used any of the additional Add-Ins for Microsoft Excel?
    32. Know what a Recorded Macro is and how to create one?
    33. Edit a Record Macro using Microsoft Visual Basic Code?
    34. Create Templates?
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