Shell Programming

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Duration: 3 days
Location: Virtual Classroom (AEST)


In this 3-day course students learn to read, write, and debug shell scripts, thus increasing productivity by taking full advantage of the UNIX™ shell.
Shell programs, or scripts, are the means by which a UNIX™ shell is used as a programming language. UNIX commands and shell language control constructs are entered into a file by the programmer, then the file is executed as a command and interpreted just as if the commands had been typed on the shell command line. Thus, shell scripts provide a way to automate commonly executed groups of commands – but shell scripts can do much more than this.
Although many simple tasks are automated with small scripts, large scripts hundreds of lines long are very common. These larger scripts are written by system administrators, database administrators, testers, utility programmers, and others to create utilities that are largely composed of powerful UNIX commands, such as find, sed, awk, and hundreds of others.
In this course, students learn to read, write, and debug Korn shell scripts. Back at work they can greatly increase productivity by automating repetitive tasks (for themselves or others), and by creating specifically tailored utilities designed to meet their precise needs. Students will read and write many shell scripts in this class, which will additionally increase their overall UNIX knowledge and skills.


UNIX users, programmers, and system administrators.


Fundamentals of UNIX


On-Site Training

If you need training for three or more people, ask us about training at your site. You can enjoy the convenience of reduced travel cost and time, as well as a familiar environment for your staff. Additionally, we can customise the course for your business needs.


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