Illustrator Fast Track Course

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Duration: 2 days
Location: Virtual Classroom (AEST)

Course Description

During this comprehensive 2-day course instructors show students how to create complex and attractive illustrations and type effects using Illustrator CS6’s powerful tools. Participants learn to create dynamic graphics using advanced drawing and editing tools, path editing techniques, filter effects and masks; and take advantage of features such as the Transparency palette, live effects and the Appearance palette to create engaging effects.

Who should do this course?

This course is designed for anybody who needs to create either basic or complex illustrations using Illustrator, but who has little to no experience using the program.


There are no pre-requisites for attending this course; however participants are expected to have a general understanding of personal computers and the Windows operating system.

  • Starting a New Document
  • Understanding Colour Models for print and web
  • Customising your Workspaces
  • Resizing Art board
  • Working with installed Templates
  • Creating a Custom Workspace
  • Exploring new Control Palette
  • Using Shape Tools
  • Understanding new Toolbox
  • Creating different types of Paths
  • Working with the Pencil Tool
  • Formatting Objects using Colour Palette
  • Colouring objects with Fill and Stroke
  • Exploring additional Libraries
  • Drawing Paths with Pen Tool
  • Modifying paths
  • Understanding Layout Guides
  • Applying Gradients to Type
  • Applying Gradients using Gradient Palette
  • Modifying Gradients with Gradient Tool
  • Creating Type on a Path
  • Applying an Envelope to Type
  • Importing a Graphic
  • Understanding Links Palette
  • Aligning Objects
  • Importing Body Type
  • Formatting Type with Styles
  • Understanding Character Palette
  • Understanding Paragraph Palette
  • Fixing Spelling Errors
  • Using Find and Replace Options
  • Inserting Glyphs
  • Understanding Open Type Palette
  • Exploring Adobe Bridge CS6
  • Customising Adobe Bridge
  • Applying Metadata and Keywords to Assets
  • Modifying and Saving Metadata
  • Searching files with Keywords
  • Creating Shapes Using Pathfinder
  • Applying Shape Modes Commands
  • Creating Compound Paths
  • Modifying Compound Path
  • Applying Offset Paths
  • Applying Effects and Filters
  • Using Illustrator Galleries
  • Creating Symbols with Symbol Palette
  • Modifying Symbols
  • Creating Custom Pattern Brushes
  • Organizing Layers
  • Modifying Global Colours
  • Opening Layered Photoshop Documents
  • Adjusting Photoshop Import Options
  • Creating an Adobe PDF File
  • Using Adobe PDF Presets
  • Understanding Tracing Images
  • Understanding Tracing Automatically
  • Applying Custom Presets
  • Converting Tracing Object to Paths
  • Modifying Paths
  • Applying Live Paint
  • Using Live Paint
  • Using Correcting Gaps
  • Understanding Live Paint
  • Using Simplify Paths
  • Creating Clipping Masks
  • Create 3D Effects
  • Creating Effects
  • Applying Blends
  • Sharing Graphic Styles


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