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Business Communication Training​

Virtual Classroom (AEST)

Business communication is the exchange of information between individuals both within and outside of an organisation. Business communication aims to enhance procedures and eliminate mistakes, which is especially important in...

Code: BCT Duration: 1 day Price: $1,995.00 view detail
Effective Communication Skills

Virtual Classroom (AEST)

During this one-day Effective Communication training course, candidates will acquire a comprehensive understanding of the impact of communication on others, and how to improve personal communication skills to a level...

Code: ECS Duration: 1 day Price: $1,995.00 view detail
Introduction To Supervising A Team

Virtual Classroom (AEST)

to Supervising a Team is a crucial Leadership Course that offers a comprehensive overview of the benefits and techniques essential for effective team management. In today's dynamic work environment, the...

Code: ITSAT Duration: 1 day Price: $1,895.00 view detail
Leadership and Management Skills​

Virtual Classroom (AEST)

Leadership and Management are integral in guiding teams and resources to accomplish organisational goals. Leadership emphasises relationship-building and motivation, while management involves planning and resource management. This Leadership and Management...

Code: LAMS Duration: 1 day Price: $1,895.00 view detail
Leadership Skills Training

Virtual Classroom (AEST)

The Leadership Skills Training Course is a comprehensive course designed to equip individuals with the essential skills required for effective leadership. In today's dynamic business landscape, leadership plays a pivotal...

Code: LST Duration: 1 day Price: $1,895.00 view detail
Negotiation Skills Training

Virtual Classroom (AEST)

Negotiation Skills enhances an individual’s power to influence others via communication, to shape decisions for the purpose of business goals. Negotiating is vital to many sectors, including sales, politics, buying,...

Code: NST Duration: 1 day Price: $1,995.00 view detail
Operations Management Training

Virtual Classroom (AEST)

Operations Management is the administration of business operations to create the highest possible efficiency and productivity within an organisation. Operations Management helps organisations to use the employees, resources, processes, and...

Code: OMT Duration: 1 day Price: $1,895.00 view detail
Successful People Management and Team Leadership

Virtual Classroom (AEST)

Successful People Management and Team Leadership is a vital aspect of effective leadership and organisational management. Understanding how to handle individuals appropriately is the linchpin of good management, enabling leaders...

Code: SPMATL Duration: 1 day Price: $1,895.00 view detail
Technical Team Leading Training

Virtual Classroom (AEST)

Technical leadership involves managing a team of technical professionals, making decisions related to engineering and software development, and prioritising tasks to streamline work processes. It plays a crucial role in...

Code: TTLT Duration: 1 day Price: $1,895.00 view detail
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