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BAF – Business Analyst Fundamentals

Virtual Classroom (AEDT)

The Business Analyst course is all about understanding business goals and finding solutions to problems identified by the organisation. The Business Analyst Fundamentals course will teach delegates how to identify...

Code: BAF Duration: 1 day Price: $1,995.00 view detail
BPM – Business Process Mapping

Virtual Classroom (AEDT)

This course, focused on the practical application of Business Process Mapping, will provide delegates with the insight, knowledge, and confidence to make BPM a reality in their organisation. Upon completion...

Code: BPM Duration: 1 day Price: $1,995.00 view detail
CBA-PRO – Certified Business Analyst Professional

Virtual Classroom (AEDT)

Our comprehensive Certified Business Analyst Professional training course provides delegates with the necessary skills and knowledge to emerge as proficient Business Analysts. During this course, delegates will become familiar with...

Code: CBA-PRO Duration: 2 days Price: $2,295.00 view detail
CESE – Creating Effective Stakeholder Engagement

Virtual Classroom (AEDT)

Participants of this course will be introduced to the techniques for working with stakeholders in multidimensional capacities. Instructors will teach candidates how to conduct a stakeholder analysis for influence, impact,...

Code: CESE Duration: 1 day Price: $1,995.00 view detail
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