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Agile Project Management Foundation & Practitioner

Virtual Classroom (AEST)

Agile Project Management is a dynamic approach to Project Management that prioritises flexibility and adaptability. In an ever-evolving business landscape, this Agile Project Management Course equips professionals with the skills...

Code: APMC Duration: 4 days Price: Call for price view detail
AgileBA Foundation & Practitioner

Virtual Classroom (AEST)

This 4-day Foundation & Practitioner certificate course has been designed to give the Business Analyst the skills needed to successfully gather, analyse, validate and champion the requirements throughout an Agile...

Code: ABAC Duration: 4 Days Price: $3,995.00 view detail
BPM – Business Process Mapping

Virtual Classroom (AEST)

This course, focused on the practical application of Business Process Mapping, will provide delegates with the insight, knowledge, and confidence to make BPM a reality in their organisation. Upon completion...

Code: BPM Duration: 1 day Price: $1,995.00 view detail
Business Analysis Foundation

Virtual Classroom (AEST)

The Business Analysis Foundation live online course is the cornerstone of the BCS Business Analysis Curriculum. It is an internationally-recognised qualification relevant to anyone requiring an understanding of Business Analysis...

Code: BCS-BAF Duration: 4 days Price: Call for price view detail
Business Analysis Practice

Virtual Classroom (AEST)

Business Analysts are increasingly required to extend themselves beyond their traditional role of developing and maintaining business systems. They need the capability to understand the business strategy, use proven techniques...

Code: BAC Duration: 3 days Price: Call for price view detail
Business Communication Training​

Virtual Classroom (AEST)

Business communication is the exchange of information between individuals both within and outside of an organisation. Business communication aims to enhance procedures and eliminate mistakes, which is especially important in...

Code: BCT Duration: 1 day Price: $1,995.00 view detail
CBA-PRO – Certified Business Analyst Professional

Virtual Classroom (AEST)

The Certified Business Analyst Professional (CBA-PRO) Course is a pinnacle in the realm of Business Analyst Courses, designed to empower professionals with the latest skills and knowledge. It's essential to...

Code: CBA-PRO Duration: 2 days Price: $3,986.00 view detail
Certified Scaled Agile Framework Leading SAFe 5.1 (CSAFLS)

Virtual Classroom (AEST)

Leading SAFe® uses the most current Lean-Agile methodology - SAFe 5.1. It amalgamates a Lean mindset and SAFe® to form a highly effective methodology that is adaptable to any organisation,...

Code: CSAFLS Duration: 2 days Price: $3,495.00 view detail
CESE – Creating Effective Stakeholder Engagement

Virtual Classroom (AEST)

Participants of this course will be introduced to the techniques for working with stakeholders in multidimensional capacities. Instructors will teach candidates how to conduct a stakeholder analysis for influence, impact,...

Code: CESE Duration: 1 day Price: $1,995.00 view detail
Effective Communication Skills

Virtual Classroom (AEST)

During this one-day Effective Communication training course, candidates will acquire a comprehensive understanding of the impact of communication on others, and how to improve personal communication skills to a level...

Code: ECS Duration: 1 day Price: $1,995.00 view detail
IIBA® Entry Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA™)

Virtual Classroom (AEST)

This 2-day course prepares candidates to take the Entry Certificate in Business Analysis™ (ECBA™) exam and achieve ECBA™ certification. Over the 2 days of training, an instructor will take you...

Code: ECBA Duration: 2 days Price: $3,795.00 view detail
Introduction To Supervising A Team

Virtual Classroom (AEST)

to Supervising a Team is a crucial Leadership Course that offers a comprehensive overview of the benefits and techniques essential for effective team management. In today's dynamic work environment, the...

Code: ITSAT Duration: 1 day Price: $1,895.00 view detail
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