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55284 – Introduction to Python

Virtual Classroom (AEST)

In this Python training course, students learn to program in Python. The course is aimed at students new to the language who may or may not have experience with other...

Code: 55284 Duration: 4 days Price: $3,188.00 view detail
55285 – Advanced Python

Virtual Classroom (AEST)

In this Python training course, students already familiar with Python programming will learn advanced Python techniques. This advanced Python course is taught using Python 3; however, differences between Python 2...

Code: 55285 Duration: 2 Days Price: $1,594.00 view detail
55320 – Programming with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Virtual Classroom (AEST)

This five-day instructor-led is intended for IT professionals interested in becoming client-side web developers. who need to get a jump start on all three technologies. The course includes more than...

Code: 55320 Duration: 5 days Price: $3,986.00 view detail
55337 – Introduction to Programming

Virtual Classroom (AEST)

In this 5-day course, students will learn the basics of computer programming through the use of Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 and the Visual C# and Visual Basic programming languages. The...

Code: 55337 Duration: 5 days Price: $3,986.00 view detail
55339 – Programming in C#

Virtual Classroom (AEST)

This five day course introduces HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript and provides the basic skills needed for modern client-side web development. The course focuses on implementing programming logic, defining and using...

Code: 55339 Duration: 5 days Price: $3,986.00 view detail
Intro to Advanced Python Fast Track

Virtual Classroom (AEST)

This 5 day fast track course covers the content from both the 55284 - To Python and the 55285 - Advanced Python courses   Onsite Training? If you need training...

Code: PythonFT Duration: 5 Days Price: $4,782.00 view detail
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