CompTIA A+ (CTIA A+)

Virtual Classroom (AEDT)

Overview CompTIA A+ is an entry-level certification that aids those who are new to the IT industry and wish to obtain a job role in the tech discipline. By the end...

Code: CTIA A+ Duration: 5 days Price: $3,595.00 view detail
CompTIA Cloud+ (CTIA CL+)

Virtual Classroom (AEDT)

Overview The CompTIA Cloud+ certification provides delegates with the skills required to implement and maintain cloud technologies. There is a continuously increasing number of businesses adapting their IT operations to function within...

Code: CTIA CL+ Duration: 3 days Price: $3,195.00 view detail
CompTIA Network+ (CTIA N+)

Virtual Classroom (AEDT)

Overview With the significance of data networks continually increasing within enterprises, IT Networking Specialists are becoming increasingly essential to ensure that business procedures run smoothly. By obtaining this CompTIA Network+ certification, you...

Code: CTIA N+ Duration: 4 days Price: $3,595.00 view detail
CompTIA Project+ (CTIA P+)

Virtual Classroom (AEDT)

Overview Project management is one of the business world’s most in-demand skill sets, both inside and outside the IT profession. Even the smallest projects can benefit from project management processes....

Code: CTIA P+ Duration: 5 days Price: $3,595.00 view detail
CompTIA Security+ (CTIA S+)

Virtual Classroom (AEDT)

Overview The security of Information Technology within an enterprise is of the utmost importance, and in the current climate hackers and cyberattacks are rife, meaning that it is essential for...

Code: CTIA S+ Duration: 4 days Price: $3,595.00 view detail
CompTIA Server+ (CTIA SER+)

Virtual Classroom (AEDT)

Overview The CompTIA Server+ qualification demonstrates the ability to secure and maintain a variety of commonly utilised server and storage equipment. During this four-day hands-on training experience, delegates are provided...

Code: CTIA SER+ Duration: 4 days Price: $3,595.00 view detail
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