Power BI Knowledge Bomb: Features, Components & Benefits

March 10,2022 by Sid

When it comes to Power BI, most professionals either know about it or have heard about it through the grapevine – but what this powerful tool deserves is a grand exploration.

Power BI: The Bigger Picture

Power BI is Microsoft’s cloud-based tool used to analyse, visualize and model data to gather and transform comprehensive insights from large or small data sets.

A picture is worth a 1000 words and Power BI’s insights give meaning to otherwise disorienting and voluminous data by creating reports and dashboards to assist professionals in making data-driven decisions for their businesses.

This Microsoft flagship software provides business intelligence tools that allow your organization to see the bigger picture.

  • Digitally transforms your raw data into actionable insights and visuals
  • Increases transparency in your day-to-day operations
  • Enables high business efficiency through richer understanding of your business, customers and stakeholders
  • Improves team and interdepartmental collaboration
  • Incorporate data from your external sources such as industry websites, supplier systems, client systems and more
  • Get all the above from either batched or real-time (streamed) data

Key Features:

The world becomes your oyster with Power BI owing to its versatile key features designed meticulously by Microsoft. The features are:

  • Dynamic Deployment Support: With in-built connectors, you can connect Power BI to a wide range of data sources such as SharePoint, Salesforce, Dynamics 365, Google Analytics and many other vendors. Additionally, you can also mix and match with both on-premise and cloud systems/data sources
  • Quick Real-time Access to Life-changing Insights: Get real-time access to actionable visuals and insights from on-premises, cloud-based, unstructured or structured data at your fingertips and ensure your organization is always looking for areas to improve
  • Customized Visual Masterpieces: Use simple or complex visual reports and dashboards with listed visualizations like Line, Bar & Colum chart, Area, Gauge, Ribbon, Funnel, Waterfall, Pie, Treemap, Scatter, Donut and so much more – Power BI makes all your data a sight for sore eyes
  • Datasets Filtration and DAX Functions: Power BI comes with useful data filtration capabilities that you can apply to acquire access to specific data within a certain timeframe or smaller subsets that provide insights that are relevant to your agenda. And then, with the Data Analysis Expression Function (DAX), select from over 250 functions with predefined codes that unlock specific analytics-based functions
  • Handy Natural Language Q&A Box: A brilliant feature of Power BI that allows you to ask questions in your natural language to explore desired information and insights with handy tools such as autofill, rephrasing, suggestions and more

Power BI Components:

Power BI is birthed from its own data centre called Azure Cloud. The business intelligence superstar comes with the following components:

  • Power Query: A powerful transformation and data mash-up engine, power query allows you to extract data from various databases such as SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle etc
  • Power BI Desktop: A comprehensive development platform that provides you with modelling, reporting and advanced queries capabilities – it’s ideal for smaller organizations
  • Power BI Mobile: An application that works on iOS, Android and Windows OS giving you quick access to reports and dashboards anytime, anywhere
  • Power Pivot: Models simple and complex data to help you view various tables as Pivot tables using Data Analysis Expression language
  • Power View: Where Power BI meets data visualization, this tool provides interactive graphs, charts and maps that companies from a wide range of industries such as retail, marketing etc can use for their businesses
  • Power Map: An interactive 3-dimensional data visualizer that allows you to create maps of your data according to geographic specifications
  • Power Q&A: A unique tool that provides the answers when you need them most – query your data with natural language to untangle your problems or gain hidden meaning with any data sets

Benefits: Designed for Everyone

Power BI can be configured to be made as simple or as complex as you need them to be. Microsoft ensures that it effortlessly fits into many teams, organizations and industries of various size, scale and nature. Power BI makeover is for everyone!

  • For business users – wake up to beautifully designed reports and dashboards that add to your productivity and enthusiasm and marries your efforts with your customers’ engagement
  • For developers – Power BI REST API enables you to curate apps that seamlessly integrate with Power BI dashboards, tiles and reports and perform project management tasks using workspaces
  • For administrators – your admin role is about to get more exciting with Power BI Admin Portal that gives you the ability to manage, review and report on usage and performance and bolsters the quality of your administrative tasks
  • For report creators – your dizzying excel sheets with stacks of data can now transform into sleek graphs and visuals in the form of reports and dashboards and through a paginated report, Power BI restores your sanity with clear page-by-page formatted reports ready to share, print and analyse
  • For multiple industries – Whether it’s finance, resource management, logistics, IT, retail, sales and marketing, construction, health, education, event management etc – data management is universal and Power BI fits into each field like a glove

It’s easy to fall in love with Power BI and if the above knowledge bomb has sparked your interest, find out why you should add Power BI to your upskilling cart and read more about our course ‘DA-100: Analyzing Data with Power BI’ here.

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