Microsoft Services

Microsoft Services:

Advanced Training offers a range of service to complement our Training Services. These services include Security Service (listed under Cyber Security) but also a range of services related to Microsoft Technologies.


What we can help you with in the Microsoft 365 platform

  • Plan & Design – (We start the migration journey by assessing clients existing data, apps, and infrastructure. The planning and design phase is the most critical phase of any migration project. It is a highly collaborative phase and where we like to spend most of the time making sure you get the results you need for a successful migration.)
  • Build & Migrate- (With clearly defined objectives and a comprehensive roadmap, we can help customer to build and migrate to customers new Office 365 environment with confidence, while minimising downtime and disruption.)
  • Run & Operate(Once migrated we can then run and operate (support) customers Office 365 environment, delivering responsive and reliable support and customer service before, during, and after their cloud journey.)
  • Optimise (We can help customers to continually monitor, manage, and optimise their cloud environment to ensure they are maximising its performance and your ROI.)


What we can help you with in the Azure platform

  • Feasibility assessment of your Azure initiative based on expected TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), ROI (Return on Investment), development time and costs.
  • Design of the cloud architectures for Azure-based applications and data warehouses; Azure and Azure-based hybrid infrastructure design.
  • Azure migration strategy bound to customer business goals, timeframes and Monitoring, risk management plan.
  • IT service provisioning after Azure migration


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