Maximize Your Upskilling Budget With Pre-Paid Vouchers: Everything You Need To Know

May 02,2022 by Content

We’re less than 2 months away from the end of this financial year and it’s the perfect time to maximize on your upskilling budget and invest in your team or organization’s professional upskilling objectives for the future.

To galvanize your plans, we’ve curated 4 Pre-Paid Voucher Packages as part of our EOFY offer:

Tell me more about these vouchers:

  • How does it work? 
    1 voucher = 1 attendee = 1 day of a course
    The larger the number of vouchers in your package, the more you save on courses!
    For example:

  • Vouchers can be redeemed for any of our in-demand Microsoft, EC-Council, Desktop Application or ITIL courses
  • Vouchers valid for 12 months
  • EOFY Promo*: 

How do these vouchers benefit you?

  • Built-in discounts with great savings
  • Buy now, plan later: Purchase a voucher package now and utilize them for upskilling employees anytime
  • Make the most of your residual company budget for tax return benefits
  • Flexibility in scheduling courses according to your calendar
  • Free consultation to help you plan the best way to use your purchased vouchers

Download EOFY Promo Brochure:

To aid your decision making process, we’ve compiled all the important information regarding the Pre-paid vouchers and EOFY offer in the document below along with a list of upcoming Microsoft, EC-Council and ITIL courses to redeem your vouchers with. Download here.


*Things You Should Know:

1.Pre-paid vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of invoice

2.To receive the special promo of 2 months validity extension, first 15 bookings of vouchers must be made before 30th June 2022

3.Each voucher can be used by one attendee for 1 day of any Microsoft, EC-Council or Desktop Applicaton Courses

4.10% GST will be charged on above voucher prices

5.Payment methods: Open Pay, direct deposit, credit card, cheque or cash.Visa & MasterCard incur a 2% surcharge. AMEX & Diners incur a 4% surcharge

7.The EOFY promo cannot be combined with any other promo

8.Refer to the website for all terms and conditions


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